Setting off- what’s in the pack?

On the road, the backpack becomes your home. You want to have all of the essentials ready to go for a good night’s sleep in all conditions. I’m planning to do a good amount of Couchsurfing and staying with locals on this trip, but there will be plenty of times that I need to stealth camp. Stealth camping is the art of making camp at nightfall and leaving at sunrise without anyone seeing you or leaving a trace.  Sometimes it’s the safest way to sleep!

For this trip, I bought a new backpack as my old one was falling apart. For a trip of this distance, you need something that can hold up- so I went for quality.
Inside the backpack, putting the bulkier and camping items at the bottom, there is:
1) Static V inflatable mattress. It compresses to the size of a water bottle and expands to six feet in length. So far, very comfortable. Let’s see how it holds up.
2) Gadgets, chargers.  Mainly for my Iphone, which will be my “computer” for blogging and taking pictures. I also may use it for busking with my guitar, placing it inside a coffee cup to amplify backing tracks to improv to.
3) Passport. Of course, in the 21st century version of the world, I’m not getting far without this!
4) Martin backpacker acoustic guitar- guitar picks, strings.  It sounds great and only weighs a few pounds. Great for breaking language barriers and busking/ playing coffee shops for travel funds! Some might call this a luxury item, but I have found that I can’t live without it.
5) Minimalist bivy sack. Rather than a tent, this small canvas goes over your sleeping bag and keeps you dry if you find yourself stuck in the rain. Again, let’s see how this holds up.
6) Journal and book. I always carry a book to read for moments I find stuck waiting for a ride or off days when I’m too exhausted to move.  When finished reading, you either trade for a different book with another traveler or leave it on a park bench for someone else to discover.  Writing in a journal every night helps keep a sound mind amidst constant change.
7) Big Agnes sleeping bag.  Rated for colder weather.
8) Cocoon travel pillow.  Deflates to the size of a tennis ball.  I’ve found it makes for a good night’s sleep!
On Wednesday morning , I’ll be hitchhiking from the Springs and heading south!

One comment

  1. I especially like the idea of journaling to establish some sense of routine. I am so proud and will be sending prayers!

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