Hitchhiking the World-day 0 (Denver, CO)

Below you will find my open and adventurous plan to travel the world for the next 2-? years.  It’s something I’ve been reading and obsessing and mildly (to most) planning for the last five years or so after doing a few bicycle tours and hitchhiking around Australia, America, and Southeast Asia. Now, finally, comes the approach of the big trip.   .

I’ve officially got a departure date.  February 5, 2017.  I resigned from my jobs and there are a few bit of things I’m having to give up to start this trip.  There are the things that I knew I’d give up that are easier and expected: jobs, material possessions, the idea of stability, creature comforts, retirement plans– the things that society constantly pumps us with the message that we are to value.  I’ll be trading the illusion of stability for raw adventure.  I’m not asking for permission, but asking for some support.

I realize how lucky that I am to be able to do this.  There will be dangers, there will be times when I’ll probably feel like this isn’t the right thing to do.  I’m willing to face hardships in order to make this succeed.  In whatever amount of time it takes, my foolish (to most) plan is to hitchhike and perhaps bicycle in some areas from the United States, through Latin America, through Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia/ New Zealand.  Why do this?  The simple answer is that I’ve become completely obsessed.  There is a desire to meet people of other cultures without following the traditional tourist patterns.  Using Couchsurfing, I’ll stay with local people or camp when I need to.

What will I be carrying?  Only the essentials:  a backpack with a sleeping bag, bivy sack, small inflatable mattress, 2 pairs of boxers (you can always wash one), 2 pairs of socks (same applies), a journal (to document), a small Martin travel acoustic guitar.  I debated over and over again whether I should bring a fold-able bicycle or a guitar and settled on the guitar with the idea that I can always find a low-grade bike somewhere if I want to cycle certain parts of countries.  Music is the best way I’ve found to communicate with locals when the language barrier is a brick.

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”  Indeed, I met a girl who I love (unexpectedly, as it always is) two years ago in a pub in Denver and we’ve had many mountain hiking adventures and experiences together since we met.  But she’s for her own reasons not able to join me for this trip understandably, and I have to go it alone.  So there are things that you must give up that make leaving very difficult.  If I waited any longer to depart, I never would.  And this is something I must do because I am determined.

Staying determined through the trip’s natural occurring hardships will be a great challenge at times.  I’m hoping that I’m mentally and spiritually prepared for that.  A sense of humor always helps.

So if you see a hitchhiker on the side of the road with a guitar anywhere around the world, please pick him up because it might be me!  Haha.

Below is an overly generalized version of my intended route.  I’ll most likely be flying over the oceans and war zones that I might encounter, but other than that, I intend to remain with my feet on the lands.  I want to experience the shift gradual shift of cultures and not just fly into places having skipped over the in-between.  Of course, the world is too gigantic to see it all, but I will get a taste (in a very literal way) of all cultures of the world.

The 21st century is beginning as one of the most interesting and trivial times to be alive and I’m hoping to have a front row seat to it all.  Through hitchhiking, I can share with all of you the different perspectives and events I find myself a part of around this planet.

This is a particularly long post but most of my daily blogs I intend to keep short due to the fact that I’ll be busy traveling and often be exhausted or have limited wi-fi.

I encourage you all to pursue that which makes you feel the deepest fire and most inspiration. Bon voyage!  In early February, I will be hitchhiking south into Mexico and the hinterlands of Latin America.   worldtrip



  1. To a man who trusts and welcomes his fellow man with an open heart and an open mind, may you get what you so freely give throughout this journey. Love always, always love – Rebecca

  2. May the people of the world welcome you into their vehicles and into their homes. I wish you such a great journey and that you can witness how kind-hearted the majority of the world population can be…
    Happy travels,

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