Hitchhiking from Denver to Michigan

Leaving Denver in the morning, heading to family for the holidays, I found that my cell phone had fallen out of my pocket on the bus.  I backtracked all the way to where the bus and train line meet, where I found the bus driver standing there, my phone in his hand.  So I got off to a rough start, yet still, lucky to receive it back.  The first lift came from an Uber driver from tge country of Guinea.  I walked and waited a few hours before getting picked up by a plumber heading east.  Walking along the highway for an hour or so, a group of three pulled over blasting ICP andother forms of murderous music.  One guy was a blabbing drunk, the other girl and guy (a couple) ready to pass out.  I drove their vehicle four hours into the middle of Kansas. It was near Great Bend, Kansas that their drama unfolded and I found myself caught inside the net.  They said it was jyst a few miles off the highway for a pit stop but she drove 90 mph along astate road with minimal traffic while her drug dealer boyfriend (he then told me his employment status) caresseda loaded AR-15.   I was wishing out of the vehicle but there was no escaping. We arrived in Great Bend alive.  The couple ditched the drunk and I found myself stranded, walking in pitch black along a farming road. No idea where I was. No map.  It was raining, windy, and cold.  Five minutes later, a family grabbed me in their truck after convincing them that I was not crazy. I was mostly miserable.  A nice hispanic family invited me into their fiesta and I slept dry in the back of a guy’s truck.  I had a conversation with a shirt-off-your-back guy who had lost his job and occasionally thought about jumping off the Lyons water tower. The tower wasdecoratedwith dangling Christmas lights.  Out of Lyons, a trucker gave me a lift to Des Moines.

 Hitchhiking through the midwest in winter can be rough. I ended up buying a Greyhound bus ticket the rest of the way to Michigan.

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