Hitchhiking Colorado- There Are Ways Around It

Date: Sunday, August 4, 2013
Time: Approximately 1:30 p.m.
Wait: less than 10 minutes

After ten minutes of baking in the hot sun, a beat-up car with an intricately and infinitely cracked windshield pulls over. “You look really familiar,” I say, trying to think of where I’ve met him before.

“Oh, your John’s brother, right?,” he says, and he re-introduces himself as Todd. It turns out he is going to Denver on less-than-pleasant circumstances, as his mother fell of while riding a horse and broke her wrist and is now in a hospital in the metropolitan area. In the back of his car is a mountain bike amongst other camping gear.

While driving along I-25, the traffic suddenly slows from 60 mph to a complete halt, and as we are talking, I come to my senses and realize that Todd is keeping the vehicle in motion and has not realized that the traffic has stopped. “Whoah!,” I say, “they’re stopped!”

He slams on the brakes, and we do a quick skid, landing a few feet from the car in front of us. There are ways around it.

We make it to Denver unscathed. Todd is a teacher and can relate to me on Metropolitan States’ bizarre scam of requiring students to purchase health insurance if the student cannot afford health insurance. You have to consider what they are doing here– requiring students who cannot afford health insurance to purchase health insurance. It’s basically just a ploy to get more money from students while claiming to be “cheaper” than other universities.

Todd explains.

“There are ways around it…..”


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