Hitchhiking Colorado- May 10, 2013

Time: 5:15 pm (Denver to Colorado Springs)

Wait: about 45 minutes, from Castle Rock


I met Kathy somewhere off of Lincoln exit and we went to one of the houses her crew has been working on and do some cleanup.  We sweep up debris and sawdust for about a half hour or so and then she sets me off at the spot near Castle Rock. 

After waiting for about 10 minutes, I see Kathy drive by a second time and wave to me.  She texts me later, Just wanted to see if you had been picked up yet.

Taking awhile, no worries. I text back.

I watch people zip on by me, too busy, too complacent to stop.  One girl mouths to her friends scrunched in the backseat, “should I pick him up?”, and it must have been a unanimous no, because she put her foot back on the accelerator and didn’t stop.

About 45 minutes later, this little blue car comes zipping around the corner off the frontage road, tires squealing, burning the pavement with a mild tread mark.  I move back to avoid being hit, and am surprised when the lady driving this car actually stops and is bubbly and laughing, a wide smile on her face.

“I’m going to Colorado Springs, hop in!”, she says, and introduces herself as Lacy.  ” I actually passed you, but then decided to turn back around and swoop you up”, she says.  There is something about Lacy that is immediately friendly and comfortable, as if you’ve known her before. 

We chat some small talk for awhile, and somehow we get to talking about film, as she studied the creative arts of some sort while in college.  “I did an analytical report on how the blending of audio and visuals effects the emotional experience of the viewer”, she says.  “My report was based off a movie called Lover Come Back, with Doris Day. “It came to me, after watching the movie closely a few times, that they actually use a different camera lens on her character then they do on the rest of the cast.  It gives everything else a darker, grittier presence, while casting her in a certain kind of graceful light.” 

It’s like watching Jurassic Park with an Opera soundtrack, or watching a Disney movie with Nine Inch Nails in the background.  The subjective viewer of a movie may not even notice how important the music and camera angles play into the interpretation of the plot.

Lacy talks about how she went through a recent divorce.  “I dated my x husband for six years, and we were married for five”, she says matter-of-factly.  “There was literally a moment when I was standing in the shower, facing the wall, and I burst into uncontrollable tears, and had to admit that I was living a lie.  The pressures from family, even though they didn’t intend to put them on me, were too much, and it just wasn’t there anymore.  I had to get out of that relationship.” 

Lacy says that her x husband was in the military, and together they had moved all over the United States.  “That’s how I originally wound up in the beautiful state of Colorado”, she says, laughs.  She tells me that her current boyfriend also plays guitar, after talking about music, and pop in a CD of some of his home recorded tunes.  He has a very Ywingwie Malmsteen neo-classical sort of style, one that takes much time on the guitar to master, which I appreciate.

We jam out to that for the next five miles or so, and she drops me off of Uintah Exit.  I thank her for the ride.  “Sorry for coming around that corner so fast when I first picked you up”, she says, and laughs.  “I didn’t realize how sharp it was!”

Not a worry!, I tell her.  It’s not like you ran me over or something. 

She drives off, and I get the feeling that we both benefited from the conversation we had.  That’s what it’s all about.







  1. Hi, I was googling information on hitchhiking to Colorado Springs from Denver and was wondering if you could help me out. I know that you take the light rail as South as possible, but where do you go after that?


    1. Hi Jackson,

      You can take the light rail as far south as it goes to Lincoln exit, and then walk south for about 1/4 mile to the highway merge and thumb from there. The merge ramp has ample room for safety, although wait time can vary. Good luck!

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